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Gooberries is a quirky, futuristic, terrarium farm sim and management game with it’s goal set on automation.

Take control of your customizable bot. Design and build a colorful universe of tiny terrariums. Fill them up with deliciously, juicy berries. With time and a little tending you’ll unlock everything required to fully automate your terrariums and turn your creation into a berry producing machine.

Discover the creatures that inhabit your universe. Are they loveable friends or pesky Goobers that can’t stop munching on your plants? Collect absolutely every variety and keep them as lively, little pets. Or feed your Goobers so many berries they can’t help but burst into a shiny gem that will help you progress through the game. The choice is all yours.

Key Fetures:

  • Handcraft dozens of terrariums. You choose the layout, the foliage, the colorful colors, and even the temperature. You’ll need to manage a variety of different environments to take advantage of all the berries you can grow. Each environment you build is its own little slice of terrarium paradise with all sorts of unique ways to make it yours.
  • Plant deliciously, squishy berries. Pop a berry straight into the ground. With a little tending you’ll soon have a plant capable of producing even more berries that you can sell at the market to earn a few coins, or feed to a pesky Goober that can’t stop munching in your gardens. Tend to your plants manually…or automate your terrariums to do the hard work for you!
  • React to a world of colorful creatures. Sure the Goobers are cute in an alien sort of way. Gooberries are so tasty you’re sure to attract a ton! If you don’t keep them under control they are bound to destroy your plants and munch every berry in your terrarium. Collect one of each variety and enjoy a little company while you work. Or burst that Goober with a force so intense it becomes a shiny gem that you can use to unlock each and every item.




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