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Grit : Overworld Survival


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Grit : Overworld Survival
Grit : Overworld Survival

You remember being flung out of your seat and into the cold, dark ocean… You stand up, shake off the sand and look around, realizing how truly, deeply, and totally flonked you are. Taking in the complete lack of civilization, you bravely set on a fruitless search for food and shelter. Finally, you decide you’d be better off being hit by lightning from the storm that seems to rolling over the island than to stay on this nameless clump of dirt.


Surviving a single day in GRIT:

1) Count every calorie! You’ll need them, most commands will have time and calories it will take to execute them.

2) Gather some wood, build yourself a shelter and add some fuel to the fire, that will keep you warm during storms.

3) Explore the island, you might find some ways to get off the island (building a raft on the shore would be one of them.. the rest you’ll have to find on your own).

Key Fetures:

  • Arrow keys to move.
  • Highlighted keys to execute actions.
  • Space to skip dialog boxes.
  • Explore the island, you might find things that prolong your miserable existence.

Grit : Overworld Survival

Grit : Overworld Survival


System minimum

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