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Harem of Monster Girls


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Harem of Monster Girls
Harem of Monster Girls


As a fan of simulation games, I heard a call in my sleep one day and woke up to find my familiar room transformed into a spacious marble temple, with a silver-haired girl looking at me with contempt.

“I am the goddess of this world, ‘Sophilia,’ and I have summoned a Brave to save it.”

Although she called herself a goddess, she didn’t look very clever. I was given the most powerful “God’s Power” by mistake, and an idea of mischief was born in my mind–

With the strongest power, I encountered Fraise the Elf queen and Moko the Slime. While using my power of love to help them, I learnt more about the Otherworld – this place that seemed full of strife and disorder…What was the cause? And what about the “other” Braves? Everything seemed to point to a mess left behind by someone.

So, in return for dealing with their mess, how about they pay for it with sex?

◆Game features

◇15 basic CGs

◇Game text: 50,000

◇Three main female characters

Harem of Monster Girls

Harem of Monster Girls


System minimum

System recommended