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LAPIDARY: Jewel Craft Simulator


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LAPIDARY: Jewel Craft Simulator
LAPIDARY: Jewel Craft Simulator

Non-verbal Experience

“LAPIDARY: Jewel Craft Simulator” is developed with non-verbal expressions, making it universally enjoyable regardless of language barriers!


LAPIDARY: Jewel Craft Simulator is a simple gem crafting simulator. Follow the provided recipes to cut raw stones and produce dazzlingly sparkling gems.

Selecting Raw Stones

When you start the game, you will be presented with the color and shape of the gemstone you should create. Select an appropriate raw stone from the list provided and begin processing.

Gemstone Processing

Rotate the 3D model of the raw stone and carefully lower it onto the lathe. By repeating this process, you will carve the raw stone and shape the gemstone. Once it matches the shape of the gemstone you are supposed to make, press the finish button and check the results of your work!

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