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Lost In Sweets


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Lost In Sweets
Lost In Sweets

・About the game

‘Lost in Sweets’ thrusts you into a strange new world, in which your goal is to manage your store as a pâtissier and return home safely.

Mysterious Wildlife*

A variety of mystical creatures inhabit the world around you, and will drop by your store to see what you’re all about.

They are your most valuable customers in this world.

Some of them will even come craving sweets and place an order for your creations…

Find and Gather Ingredients!*

You will need to acquire supplies in order to make your treats.

Luckily for you, there are all sorts of berries and other ingredients that can be used in place of sugar just waiting to be found in the wide world that lies outside your store!

Acquire maps to expand the range of your search!

Make and Sell Sweets!*

There are over 30 different sweet treats for you to make!

Create your confections and stockpile the local currency to get closer to your goal!

Turn up the oven and let’s get baking!

Lost In Sweets

Lost In Sweets


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