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Midnight Cruise


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Midnight Cruise
Midnight Cruise

March 18, 1920.

I’ve finally checked into my cabin. It’s cozy and nice enough. It’s a little bumpy, but I think it’s something I can get used to. Before boarding, I called my mom in Stowe to tell her that I’m out of touch for the next week – we’re going out to sea. My mom wished me a good rest, although her voice gave away a slight anxiety. That’s okay, I’m sure this trip will be good for me, and Mom will be patient. It is time to go to bed, I am tired.

March 19, 1920.

I slept just fine! I haven’t had such a good night’s sleep in ages! In the morning I went to Sherry’s house to visit. She’s in the room next door. Our cabins are exactly the same. Sherry made me happy. She gave me a lovely music box. Except I think I lost the key somewhere in her stateroom. We’ll look for it after breakfast. Oh, I think it’s time for breakfast in the banquet room. I’m starving, I must hurry!

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As you progress, you’ll need to find keys and open locked doors. Solve puzzles and find passages. A first-person game with elements of horror. Explore the ship and its cabins, collect batteries for your flashlight. Ability to use the camera Solve puzzles. The darkness can conceal various secrets.


– pleasant graphics;

– simple controls;

– interesting gameplay;

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