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Midnight Stories 3


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Midnight Stories 3
Midnight Stories 3

Disclaimer – The characters in this game are all over 18 years old. They are adults (grown-up). The content of this game is purely fictitious and has no intention of showing or describing any real event, character or entity. If identical, it is purely coincidental.

Midnight Stories

This game continues the life of Cindy, that takes 33% of the game and the rest is full of side stories with various people and hot scenes. This way you can explore all kind of kinks and pleasures and topics.

The game will be in 4K ultra HD resolution and fully voiced. For the side stories a huge numbers of voice actors will be delivering crystal audio for your pleasure.

I’m releasing the game with Episode 01 – The Exam and Episode 02 – Oh Captain My Captain, with at least one hot explicit scene.

As development takes a lot of time, each month a new episode or side story will be uploaded (4k and fully voiced).


GENERAL: more than 5 voice actors, all game is voiced, options for clothes, different voices, different camera (close up, far, up, very far, etc.), scenes with a lot of characters, sound effects, ambience, background music, erotic scenes with tailored sound (1-3 characters), edited sounds, etc.

EP1 — Intro, dream, HOT scene, story continuation

EP2 — Intro, focus on Michelle, HOT scene (orgy), story continuation, party, intro future characters

Next month OCT ’21 release: just erotic scenes with different characters, since the environment is created, I hope to have 3-4 separate scenes ready with 1-3 people for episode 1 and 2 – the story goes on

Statistics: (SEP ’21)

The game contains 745 dialogue blocks, containing 11,785 words and 67,207 characters. The game contains 303 menus, 443 images, and 116 screens.

Midnight Stories 3

Midnight Stories 3


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