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Operation Save the Girl: Code X


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Operation Save the Girl: Code X
Operation Save the Girl: Code X

An abandoned medieval military base is infested with mutated zombies, and your female boss accidentally enters it while on a mission. Because the zombies are so bad, your female boss is infected by them. You must go and save her. The new boss has given you an order that the female boss must come out smoothly. Are you ready?

This is a first-person shooter game, there are a lot of zombies and props in the game, you need to use these smoothly to rescue the female boss. This is your mission.You need to complete a total of 11 tasks in order to save the female boss.

Game Features:

♦ Female zombies in bikinis, and lots of blood-pumping effects.

♦ Excellent first-person controller, smooth operation.

♦ 3AAA level scene construction, friendly interaction and sound effects.

♦ Wonderful mission, a link link.

♦ Conscientious pricing, can meet your requirements for FPS games.

Operation Save the Girl: Code X Torrent Download

Game play:

♦ WSAD move character, mouse control perspective.

♦ F Open doors or pick up weapons and supplies.

♦ TAB key can change the language.

♦ 12345 Switch weapon,T shot.

Operation Save the Girl: Code X PC Crack