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Oriental Valley


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Oriental Valley
Oriental Valley

Exquisitely show the new countryside with Orienta characteristics, where there is a slow-paced life with sunrise and sunset, there are lively and noisy village markets, there are pure and cool landscapes and bamboo forests, and there are simple Enthusiastic villagers.

In this world, Not only traditional agricultural techniques,there are modern and new agricultural equipment, refreshing agricultural technology, and a variety of agricultural production: native products, aquatic products, pastures, mountain treasures, minerals, etc.

Here, you also meet many friends: worried village chiefs, arrogant conductors, naughty children, sad hawkers… Each of them has their own stories, their own happiness and Sad, you are already a resident of your hometown.

As the protagonist, you can not only get the help of your friends, but also the elf as your partner. You can explore a variety of worlds together.There are deep and depressing mines, clear and elegant bamboo seas, and endless desert, ancient towns full of charm, green and rolling valleys…

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Every different place has wonderful things waiting for you to explore, so hurry up and start your adventure.

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