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PlayForm: Human Dynamics


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PlayForm: Human Dynamics
PlayForm: Human Dynamics

PlayForm: Human Dynamics is an experimental physics playground. Physically simulated humans run, jump, climb, push, pull and smash their way through diverse worlds. Have fun with various tools and obstacles to create thrilling situations and experience next-gen physics.

Active Ragdoll Technology:

PlayForm tech powers Stan, our advanced physically simulated character, also known as an Active Ragdoll. Experience gravity, collision, friction, impacts, and all other physical challenges the world imposes like never before.

Play with the Least Limits:

Unlike other games which only play a canned animation, or use highly simplified rules, our character moves as though he’s aware of his surroundings and subject to their forces. The character is constantly figuring out what muscular forces to apply to keep himself standing upright and balanced. This makes interactions much more diverse and interesting.

Brace for Impact:

If Stan is standing on an object that suddenly begins to move, you’ll see him shift his weight to stay balanced, using his hands to get back on his feet if needed. If he is thrown into a wall – or a wall is thrown into him – he’ll brace for impact by reaching in the direction it’s coming from.

Experience True Freedom:

The balancing algorithm has been hand-tuned to allow for surprising responsiveness and agility. Each movement Stan calculates is unique to the situation he is faced with, and while sometimes he messes up in a comical way, at other times he does things that even surprise us. Often, he does things we don’t anticipate, seeming to improvise his motions in real time.

No Longer be Confined:

Choose from a variety of large open playgrounds to test Stan’s limits. Slide down hills, climb mountains, leap across gaps, or go for a swim in the ocean!

PlayForm: Human Dynamics

PlayForm: Human Dynamics


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