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Sable’s Grimoire: A Dragon’s Treasure


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Sable’s Grimoire: A Dragon’s Treasure
Sable’s Grimoire: A Dragon’s Treasure

Note: this game is a sequel to Sable’s Grimoire

However, this game also contains an option to add supplementary narration which explains events and terminology from the first game.

So while it is still recommended that you play the original first, it is not strictly required.

Sable’s Grimoire is a visual novel series set in a fantasy world filled with magic and monsters. It follows the adventures of Sable, a young human who wants to become a magic researcher, during his time at Amadronia Academy.

Sable spends his everyday life at Amadronia surrounded by demi-humans, including elves, pixies, and succubi, as he learns more about this magical world and the creatures within it.

With Sable’s first year at Amadronia coming to an end, he wants nothing more than to spend the upcoming break at the academy, studying in peace while his friends and classmates head home for the holidays.

Key Fetures:

  • Story with 168k word count leading to four different endings
  • 28 CGs (plus 2 more with the 18+ patch)
  • Optional explanations, so players can either learn the world or skip things explained in the first game
  • Glossary and cast screens provide additional information about the game’s characters and terminology
  • All original artwork and music made specifically for this series

Sable’s Grimoire: A Dragon’s Treasure

Sable’s Grimoire: A Dragon’s Treasure


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