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Secret Summer


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Secret Summer
Secret Summer


WARNING TABOO 18+: You were taken and separated from your mother and three sisters to be trained as the successor to your father’s lucrative business. After hearing your mom crying during one of your usual phone calls, you decide to find any way back to her and your sisters. That’s when an idea pops into your head that just might make the reunion possible. But that same idea comes with its own set of problems and your secret summer visiting your family may be harder than you anticipated.

Among them, there is your very serious 22-year-old sister Zoe who’s been aiming to be a top lawyer since she could talk – and argue. The complete opposite of her would be your oldest sister 23-year-old Leanne who is the definition of a free spirit, which Zoe abundantly disapproves of and makes clear any chance she gets. The youngest and last of your sisters is 18-year-old Coral who loves video games, but has a very strong dislike for a very specific reason. And then there’s your stepmother, 37-year-old high maintenance and bourgeois Irene that everyone tries to stay clear off, or you risk running her wrath. Lastly, there is your mom 41-year-old Norah who wants to take care of everyone, even if that means neglecting herself.

Key Fetures:

  • Name your own character
  • Define the relationship within the game
  • Select choices that shape the story you want
  • Replay the game and choose different choices to access all content

Secret Summer

Secret Summer


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