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Silverwing is an action flight game where you build an array of powerful spaceships to combat enemies across space and a diverse set of planet landscapes. Use your piloting skills and a 6 degrees-of-freedom flight system to defeat enemy fighters, bombers, turrets, and capital ships. Play through a fully voiced 20+ mission campaign with multiple endings based on your mission choices.

As you progress through the game, you’ll earn credits to upgrade ship components and unlock their powerful array of abilities. Choose the ships that fit your playstyle whether it be a fast-paced fighter or a massive gunship. Customize your ship’s weapons and abilities for each mission. Will you use stealth? Disable ships? Or simply overwhelm them with an onslaught of missiles. The choice is yours.

Gameplay Features:

– Easy to learn, intuitive controls

– 6 degrees-of-freedom (6DOF) flight system

– 8 flyable ships with each supporting a unique gameplay style

– Earn credits through completing missions and use them to upgrade your ship components

– Upgrade each ship in your hangar to improve acceleration, speed, shields, hull, weapons array, and missile capacity

– Customize your ship’s weapon loadout, special abilities, and ship color

– 20+ mission campaign

– Fully voiced characters

– Multiple mission types including search and destroy, high-speed chases, stealth recon, escort, location securing, turret building and tower defense

– Battle an array of enemy fighters, bombers, turrets, and capital ships

– Beautiful and diverse landscapes and spacescapes for each mission

– Campaign system map to view progress, fleet locations, and territorial control




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