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Super Psy Penguin


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Super Psy Penguin
Super Psy Penguin

Super Psy Penguin – a Cyber Penguin Hero Simulator that gives You the Power!

You play a realistic Cyber Penguin who has to save the galaxy from Evil Wannabe Hentai Monster Demons from space!

Ever wondered what life is like for a real Cyber Penguin? – Wonder no more!

Strap your jetpack on, select your awesome 80s soundtrack – and lets save the galaxy penguin brothers and sisters!

Super High Quality Graphics & Parallax Scrolling

Graphics in Glorious Full HD using cutting-edge raytraced sprites with super-smooth 60fps animations.

8 layers of parallax per level using massive 4k backgrounds for varied and exciting scenes.

High Quality Soundtrack

Over 40 unique music tracks composed especially for the game – you decide which soundtrack you want to play with!

Key Fetures:

  • Heavy Metal
  • Synthwave
  • 8-bit
  • Drum&Bass
  • Classical
  • Makes You Feel Like a Total Badass as you save the day!
  • Discover what it REALLY feels like to be a Cyber Penguin
  • Over 5,000 frames of super-smooth full HD, raytraced sprites
  • 6 levels + 2 bonus levels
  • Unlockable Hard mode with extra enemies to kill
  • Unlockable Infinity Run mode
  • Unlockable Boss Rush mode
  • 32 different enemies to face + 8 different bosses + more in Hard mode!
  • 15 weapon options + 4 Megabomb options
  • 5 unique soundtracks including: D&B, Heavy Metal, 8-Bit, Classical and Synthwave
  • Total of over 40 different tracks of pulsating music
  • High quality fully retro SFX
  • Approx 45-50mins playtime in Easy Mode + more in Hard Mode
  • Beautiful parallax scrolling backgrounds

Super Psy Penguin

Super Psy Penguin


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