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The Sealed Ampoule


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The Sealed Ampoule
The Sealed Ampoule

The Sealed Ampoule is a “Dungeon agriculturalization Rogue-like” game. As described in the genre name itself, the title features both Rogue-like and farming elements.

The game was developed by CAVYHOUSE – developer of Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden and The Midnight Sanctuary. Unlike most Rogue-like games, you’ll level-up your dungeon as opposed to your character, which will score you…

Leveling up your dungeon will enable it to produce useful items more efficiently.

Items will help to strengthen your character, thus allowing for exploration and agriculturalization deeper down in the dungeon.

Your main goal is simple: to master dungeon agricultuarization.

The game system itself mainly consists of leveling up your character and the dungeon as steadily and consistently as possible.

In contrast to this rather humble system, the art style is gorgeously ethereal and enchanting.

Lose yourself in the gorgeously ethereal art style, featuring an alchemy + “Cabinet of Curiosities”-inspired motif.

The player takes on the role of protagonist and novice alchemist Irene Morgan as explores her newly-acquired secondhand dungeon.

While fixing up and maintaining her dungeon, she encounters the strangest murder case ever, which she ends up investigating.

The basic game system is pretty simple: Explore the dungeon > Harvest items > Go back home and handle various “preparations” > Explore the dungeon some more.

During the preparation phase, you can develop and expand your dungeon or acquire new skills for Irene.

Learning new skills will allow you to dive deeper into the dungeon and fight against tougher enemies and bosses.

The Sealed Ampoule

The Sealed Ampoule


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