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The Testing Chamber


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The Testing Chamber
The Testing Chamber

(This game, as well as many others in our bundle, is FANTASTIC for Youtubers & Streamers to create content, engage with their audience, & allow their audience to better get to know them through answering a series of questions about the content creator! This creates a unique experience for all parties involved, and players playing the game themselves can enjoy the solo experience tremendously all on their own as well!)

The Testing Chamber

The Testing Chamber is a social experiment that can be classified as an atmospheric, psychological-simulation with horror elements. Dive DEEP into your own psyche and get answers to questions you’ve kept hidden deep, down inside. Unlock your mind in ways never done before and experience new found knowledge simply by wandering the halls of, “The Testing Chamber.”

You will answer a series of questions that will reveal things from deep within.

Key Fetures:

  • Relaxation and suspense all wrapped into one game
  • Player / Developer interaction (Be a part of history & take part in something greater…)
  • The ONLY game of its kind
  • Very psychological / atmospheric
  • Reveal things about yourself that you might not have ever known
  • Super affordable for a unique experience

The Testing Chamber

The Testing Chamber


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