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Veggie Quest: The Puzzle Game


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Veggie Quest: The Puzzle Game
Veggie Quest: The Puzzle Game

Veggie Quest: The Puzzle Game is an open-ended puzzle game where you take on the role of a game designer. Your job is to design and build game dungeons.

The goal of each level is to design a dungeon with given tools so that it is beatable by players, but beating it takes them as much time as possible. The players are controlled by the perfect AI and are thus incredibly smart. They will find any shortcuts and loopholes in the dungeon design. This creates a unique dynamic where simple rules of player’s movement result in mind-bending optimal dungeon layouts.

Design Dungeons: Design and build game dungeons using a wide range of components, from floors and walls to rivers and swamps, enemies and teleports, traps and lasers, switches and sensors, and more. Twenty character classes are ready to beat the designed dungeons, each with unique movement and abilities.

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Perfect AI: Players who try to beat the dungeons are controlled by the perfect AI. They will find any shortcut or loophole in dungeon design. This makes optimizing dungeon layout very tricky and results in mind-bending designs.

Hand-crafted puzzles: The game has more than 100 hand-crafted levels designed to produce tricky and complex optimal dungeon layouts from simple movement rules. Every level introduces a new and interesting combination of characters and obstacles that the player has to utilize to slow down the AI.

Steam Workshop: Make your own levels in an easy-to-use level editor and share them via Steam Workshop. Or play top-rated levels from the Workshop.

Accesibility: The game is colorblind and hearing impaired friendly; playable with mouse only, keyboard only, or gamepad; and does not require any time-sensitive or simultaneous inputs.

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