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Virtual Fighting Championship (VFC)


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Virtual Fighting Championship (VFC)
Virtual Fighting Championship (VFC)


Welcome to VFC’s fantastical, mystical, terrific, royal but exotic Steam-Store, COMEEE and have a look! prices are good, quality is great!

VFC – This Is Fighting is a Virtual Reality (VR) first-person fighting game featuring the world’s first multiplayer mode that lets two players engage in a martial arts fight in VR, using players’ own fists and body movement instead of pressing buttons. Of course, a fully fleshed out single player is also a major part of the game!

What is Virtual Fighting Championship

Developed from 2016 to 2018, built from the ground up for VR Melee Combat PvP

In PvP – Duke it out as you would in real life against another real player

In Single Player (Robot Infinity) – Beat up everything that comes in your way

Word from developer – Yang

Hi, thanks for granting your presence here and to have a look at our game VFC! This is mostly a 1 person project, so bear with me as I will progressively add more feature and play modes to the game!

Key Fetures:

  • 1v1 PvP Arena Mode (Exists)
  • Single-player Campaign (Robot Infinity is now live) The end goal is to have a unique campaign for every in-game character
  • Training Mode (Coming soon on Dec 2018)
  • Fun Modes (Coming in first quarter of 2019)
  • Each ‘physical assault’ is tracked based on its speed of movement and calculated to quantify their power and hence translate into damage dealt with each hit.
  • A sandbox fighting experience using true physics calculation on the strength of your attacks. You should perform the proper punching technique not because the game tells you to, but because it is actually THE better way to win a game.
  • Highly accurate real-time hit-box recognition (many games suffers from this, because VR tracking doesn’t perform well under high-speed movements, but VFC solved this problem with high satisfaction.)

Virtual Fighting Championship (VFC)

Virtual Fighting Championship (VFC)


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