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Weed Farmer Simulator


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Weed Farmer Simulator
Weed Farmer Simulator

Become a weed farmer!

You just moved out of the city and bought land for growing some weed.

It might not look like much right now but only your imagination is the limit!

Build your own farm, plant your own special weed, buy vehicles and farming tools, sell your product worldwide, upgrade your farm with garages, storage buildings, and even swimming pools (swimming pools coming soon)!

In this farming simulator, you need to get your hands dirty!

In the beginning, you start with nothing, you will need to plant every seed with your bare hands. Need some stick to make a fenced planting area? You need to chop down some trees. You’d like to water your plants? you need to fill your watering can with water first!

As time goes on and you make enough money, you can buy vehicles and tools to make your life easier, a tractor can be a great way to make a plantable area fast, but you can choose to make your farm without any tools or vehicles, in this game it’s all on you!

Key Fetures:

  • Unique Graphics. Who said farming simulators have to look dull and lifeless? Get out there and feel the nature around you!
  • Resource management and simulation focused gameplay.
  • Plant watering&nutrion system

Weed Farmer Simulator

Weed Farmer Simulator


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