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Jet Dancer


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Jet Dancer
Jet Dancer

You are Jenna Delgado, also known as Jet Dancer.

A nanomachine-infused synthetic being bred as part of a project to develop humanoid weapons, Jenna Delgado was the last in her series. When she learned the true scope of her reason for being–to be used as both bodyguard and concubine to the highest bidder–she managed to escape the project and vowed to use her superhuman abilities to protect the innocent, as the super heroine Jet Dancer.

But the evil head of the project, Serin Drakonis, has found her, and, determined to take her back under his control, has unleashed his machine army–and Jenna’s predecessors–to bring her to heel.

Jet Dancer must now fight to protect her own quality of life, and put an end to the project once and for all.

JET DANCER is a retro-inspired action platforming game with beat-em-up elements, featuring a strong and sexy heroine inspired by games and comics of the 80s and 90s. With an easy-to-learn, hard-to-master arsenal of kicks and dashes, Jet Dancer is a weapon bred for war, but living for fun.

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Jet Dancer

Jet Dancer


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