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Majin Woman


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Majin Woman
Majin Woman

Control a giant girl (Hanako Yamadain) and protect the earth from a space Majin invasion in this circular style side-scrolling shooter.

Burning your life-fuel itself, accelerate away the day, night and day again in no matter of time.

Guns, lasers, swords and more. Use an arsenal of weapons to lay waste to your enemies.

Not only can you fire horizontal shots, but also shoot diagonally in the direction you are facing and tilting.

It’s not just about evading a throng of enemies. You can use melee combat to pave a path through your foes, then devour them like the savage you always wanted to be!

The nutrients from their remnants will be converted into “Femininity”, allowing you to preserve your health and beauty.

If you answer Math Problems that are displayed for some reason, you will be able to throw bombs.

Though, even if you do not answer them, you will gain bombs over time, so it’s okay to ignore.

Key Fetures:

  • Fly in the sky with butt jets and circle the world!!
  • Use Girl Radar and clairvoyance to quickly find enemies and pulverize them with a giant machine gun!!
  • Featuring the intuitive “Girl Aim” system that realizes both omni-directional movement and shooting that so many 2D shooting game developers have imagined but failed to do!!
  • Use complex fighting game-like controls to punch, kick, and stomp!! And then eat!!
  • Every time you throw a bomb, you will surely become a genius!!
  • Your mission, should you choose to accept it.

Majin Woman

Majin Woman