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Pitch Silent


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Pitch Silent
Pitch Silent

The Earth has withered away. Guided by an angel in the dark. You must brave the underground of Eden to find all forms of creation to rekindle the light.

This is a SOLO project done by Scott Craighead to bring you…

RETRO themed gameplay.. Akin to something like HEXEN.

ABSTRACT atmospheric locations each featuring a completely different setting.

CREATIVE magical weaponry that is powered by remnants of creation.

RENDERED in Unreal Engine 5.1 for cutting edge visuals with an abstract flair.

DIFFICULTIES 3 Different settings Easy, Normal and Hard.

OPTIMIZIED through and through for a beautiful frame rate.

NO HAND HOLDING Save when needed.. however your hand will not be held.

MUCH MORE but I’m not telling you. It’s an adventure… so just play the game.

ALSO I want your help to get this awesome game out to the masses.

So please share the heck out of this game if you enjoyed it.

Thank you in advance! – Scott Craighead

Legal: Feel free to upload or stream gameplay to video/streaming websites. I will never come after you and copyright your videos.

Estimated Run Time: 2 hours

Engine: Unreal Engine 5.1

Contact: Go to my twitter and DM me or

[email protected]

Pitch Silent

Pitch Silent


System minimum

System recommended