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Town of Machine


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Town of Machine
Town of Machine

700 years from now, Agent Silverman is a renowned Exorcist on the case of a missing person. His investigation leads him to the end of the world, a small ghost town called “Town of Machine”. This unearthly place is filled with nightmares beyond imagination. With his trusty companion Detective Mason they uncover unspeakable horrors and must fight the grotesque monstrosities that lurk in the darkness.

The Town of Machine has been built out of the ruins of a forsaken city that has been abandoned for hundreds of years. Only the most disturbing creatures could be found in this dead and forgotten area. Why did they build this town? And how did a missing person end up here?

After a quick chat with the remaining townsfolk it becomes clear that something truly blasphemous and insane is taking place in this town. Agent Silverman is on his deadliest case – who knows what other allies he might find on his adventure into the abyss…

Key Fetures:

  • Find New Companions – at first, Detective Mason is your trusty companion, but soon you’ll find even more adventurous souls that will help you on this adventure – or go alone

Town of Machine

Town of Machine


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