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Twilight Manor: Roguelite FPS


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Twilight Manor: Roguelite FPS
Twilight Manor: Roguelite FPS


Fast paced combat! – Use a wide array of weapons to destroy your enemies! You can even kick enemies and parry their projectiles!

Advanced Gore System – Headshot enemies or tear their body to pieces and paint the mansion red! Just better hope it’s not your blood being spilled

Stop time! – With Twilight Mode, you can use your built up adrenaline to stop time and gain a huge advantage over your foes!

Intense boss fights – Test your skills as you fight through increasingly difficult bosses and uncover the truth about the mansion.

Upgrade system – At the end of every boss fight, you get to chose between 1 of 3 upgrades, double damage, 2x reload speed and flight are just some of the abilities you can gain!

Unlockable difficulties – Carry over your upgrades and face new difficulty modes you’ve unlocked!

Twilight Manor: Roguelite FPS Torrent Download


In Twilight Manor: Roguelite FPS, you play as a woman investigating a mysterious mansion in a futuristic cyberpunk world. As you battle through tough foes, you realize there is more going on here than just some experiments.

Twilight Manor: Roguelite FPS PC Crack