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We Are Screwed!


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We Are Screwed!
We Are Screwed!

We Are Screwed! is a chaotic co-op space action game for 1-4 players. Working as a team, you and your fellow Space Cadets must save the Multiverse from collapsing. Slide into the pilot’s seat, operate turrets, become a mechanic or even a janitor on your quest to find the culprit who disturbed the balance of the Multiverse.


The Multiverse is in danger! Some wacko stole multiple Great Plugs, which are items of great importance that bind the many universes together. Without the plugs, anyone can traverse the different galaxies via a series of pipes. However, if the pipes are left open, the plug-less galaxy will slowly die and disappear.

S.H.E.L.D.O.N., your sassy on-board A.I. guides you on your quest to find the thief and bring back balance to the Multiverse! Along the way, you may meet a bunch of other intergalactic travellers in dire need of help. A mysterious drone, an odd hermit, a merchant space octopus… and cats?!

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Key Fetures:

  • With Parsec: Parsec is an external tool used to stream your computer screen to your mates, while they can use their own controllers for the game. It’s an easy way to play with your friends! (Fun fact: We even used it while developing the game from the home office!)
  • With Steam Remote Play Together: Steam Remote Play Together streams your game and doesn’t require any external tool.
  • 1-4 players – local co-op & support for Parsec and Steam Remote Play Together
  • Super easy to drop in a run at any time
  • Simple controls
  • Manage the inside of your ship while you try to survive the harsh outside world, simultaneously!
  • Infinite replayability: Procedurally generated maps, different modules, ships for different playstyles, and a whole bunch of things to discover!

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