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Shadow of the Treasure


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Shadow of the Treasure
Shadow of the Treasure

“Shadow of the Treasure” is a book about the protagonist in my game “Tortured Hearts, or how I saved the Universe. Again.” This means that the general lore is based on that game. This time, you play a promising mage who works his way up the ranks as he deals with doubts and a plethora of adversaries. The game, which consists of 15 levels and requires logical thinking and combinatorial skills, challenges players with increasingly difficult tasks. There’s plenty of time for thinking, because problem solving doesn’t require time management. The tutorial explains in detail what to do and what to look out for. In broad terms, you need to unlock cards before the number of available moves runs out. There are various conditions for unlocking, such as having money, experience points and so on, but later on you have to take into account increasingly complex conditions. Haste and rashness can quickly lead you to your doom, so… think twice before you make a decision.

Shadow of the Treasure

Shadow of the Treasure


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