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End of Lines


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End of Lines
End of Lines

End of Lines is an interactive graphic novel, set in the near future. Following a climate-induced apocalypse, a group of survivors centered around a small family wanders in the devastated countryside of Southern Europe, looking for a livable place to settle.

A well-researched, environmental tale that acts as a warning about climate inaction and the collapse of ecosystems.

The sky is red. Or is it?

The air’s so hot it feels red.

When did it stop being blue?

A battered old paper with words I can’t read

and lines that fade and melt across the tears and folds.

Lines that guide us towards hope.

The hope of a welcoming land.

And yet, we don’t know what we’ll find beyond the map.

Where the lines end.

Key Fetures:

  • Each choice matters: manage the supplies and the morale of your group in a ruthless environment where death may be encountered at any time.
  • A poignant vision of what may lie ahead: the story is set at the end of the 21st century, in a world where nothing has been done to counteract climate change.
  • A family unit at the core: follow Camille, Nora, their son Sam, the lively “Uncle” Rafik and the diverse cast of characters they befriend on the trail.
  • A beautifully illustrated storybook: with each playthrough, experience a novel-sized adventure and a portion of the hundreds of hand-painted illustrations created for the game.
  • An immersive and finely-crafted soundtrack.

End of Lines

End of Lines


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