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Burning Dead Reloaded


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Burning Dead Reloaded
Burning Dead Reloaded


La Montaña, once a hub of scientific excellence, has transformed into a nightmare landscape following a catastrophic failure at the “CRISPR Advance Research Center” (CARC). Accused of orchestrating this disaster, Mike Pacheco is driven by two goals: saving his daughter from the heart of chaos and revealing the true architects behind the calamity.

Part 1 – The Descent:

As Mike Pacheco, players will venture into the eerie, zombie-infested corridors of La Montaña. The unfolding narrative reveals a tale of corporate irresponsibility and betrayal, setting the stage for an intense journey of survival, truth-seeking, and paternal responsibility.

Part 2 – Burning Dead Reloaded:

The gameplay intensifies across +30 thrilling levels. Each stage presents unique challenges, ranging from stealth missions in devastated labs to intense shootouts against a variety of Crispers and mutated creatures.

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Game Objectives:

Father’s Mission: Central to the game is Mike’s desperate search for his daughter, proving her innocence in the process.

Survival Combat: Engage in combat against a range of Crispers and genetically altered beasts with a diverse arsenal of weapons that includes shotguns, pistols, assault rifles and even grenades.

Unravel the Conspiracy: Collect evidence to expose the conspiracy behind the outbreak and redeem Mike’s reputation.

Strategic Navigation: Skillfully navigate through the dangerous environments of La Montaña, balancing stealth and combat through huge storms and forest fires.

Climactic Confrontation: Confront and bring to justice those responsible, securing a safe future for Mike and his daughter.

Game Features:

Emotionally Charged Storyline: A narrative blending action, survival, and a father’s relentless quest to save his daughter.

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