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Ghost in the pool


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Ghost in the pool
Ghost in the pool

[Ghost in the pool] is a short black and white Japanese comic style campus horror visual novel game.

The story and art style are both derived from the original series of horror comic “诡闻斋”.

This game is recreated and developed by CASCHA and the original authors of the comic JOEY.

Take you to experience different campus horror tales in a different way.


It all started from a rumor that the school swimming pool has a ghost in it, Every innocent life can be the victim, especially when you go there at night. The school knows it but keep it quiet, and just simply lock the pool after day time.

But, there always have some brave people who believe or not believe it, and break into the natatorium at night, and meet the horrible creature there and with no return back.

Game content:

诡闻斋 comic series:

Key Fetures:

  • 1 to 2 hours of the fully interactive game, including 3 main endings and multiple branches. The specific game duration depends on the gameplay you choose.
  • More than 200 fully hand-drawn art resources, including portraits and scene backgrounds of all characters, and vivid comic strips.
  • 6 completely original music works and rich sound effects and visual effects.
  • Multi-language localization support. (For details, please refer to Steam’s introduction) The supported languages ​​will continue to be added in subsequent updates.
  • Heheming
  • Iván Rocha Márquez
  • Nisa Nur Koçhan
  • Lei Zheyu
  • Anemochore
  • Richard Turek
  • Marc Chen
  • Lin ShaoWen

Ghost in the pool

Ghost in the pool


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