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Only A Dream


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Only A Dream
Only A Dream


– The date is 1990. The name is John Simmons. Three years ago your parents divorced after your mother was caught cheating. She left you and your dad, Frank Simmons, for her lover, and your dad fell into depression. A month later he disappears, leaving you alone. After some hard work you renovate the apartment your dad left you and find a stable job. You think you were able to turn your life around, just to be proven wrong…



– You wake up one night at around 3AM which you find weird, given the fact that you’re a heavy sleeper. You think nothing of it and go back to sleep, only to wake up in an unknown cave like place, where you find notes left from your missing father.


What to expect:

Walk around and explore the tunnels, in search of an exit

Beware of the hints in the letters left by the man who is your father, Frank Simmons…

Use your flashlight wisely, because you never know if the batteries will last all the way…

Your game is saved every time you walk into a camp…

Don’t dream about escaping, but actually do it…

Find out more about this strange phenomenon and try escape these “bizarre” tunnels on January the 13th… Friday the 13th…


-You have a sensor on you, which displays your BPM. Use it to your advantage, but be careful, because if it goes over 120, you’ll suffer a heart attack

-You can sprint, but not forever because your stamina isn’t really the best.

-To get through small and tight places, use your ability to crouch. When you crouch you relax and get your heartbeat under control.

-You can follow the story, through letters left by a person that’s already been trough this hell. Read them, and use them to your advantage.

Only A Dream

Only A Dream


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