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Backrooms Descent: Horror Game


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Backrooms Descent: Horror Game
Backrooms Descent: Horror Game

Play With Your Friends

Join up to 3 other players in Backrooms Descent, a Co-Op online horror game and face the horrors of the Backrooms with your friends, Solve puzzles as you explore all the rooms and levels that await for you and your friends.

Can you survive?


Venture into the enigmatic realm of non-euclidean spaces where the very fabric of reality bends and twists. In this game, stepping through a portal doesn’t merely transport you from one point to another. Here, the impossible becomes possible. Rooms loop back on themselves, a single step might take you to an entirely different part of the Backrooms or even another level.

How Deep is Your Courage?

Dive into the enigmatic Backrooms, a place where reality warps and corridors stretch on forever.

The Backrooms of existence, a hellish dimension of infinite maze-like constructs, each level pushing deeper into the despair.

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Key Fetures:

  • Expanding the Universe: We’re dedicated to introducing not just new levels, but also a diverse range of entities that will challenge and intrigue our players.
  • Refining the Experience: We understand that a game’s feel is the most important. We’ll invest time in polishing every element, ensuring that every interaction, animation, and reaction feels just right.
  • Unveiling New Mechanics: As we dive deeper into the lore of the backroom creepypasta, expect to encounter fresh puzzles and game mechanics that will test both your wit and reflexes.
  • Gearing Up: New items are in the works, designed to assist, challenge, or even surprise you as you navigate the game’s intricate landscapes.

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