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Enypnion Redreamed


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Enypnion Redreamed
Enypnion Redreamed

First things first… How to pronounce “Enypnion”!

(n. | literary) Something seen in sleep, i.e., a dream, a sequence of representations that appear in the mind during sleep.

Enypnion was originally developed by Sinking Sheep. Joining forces with Dionous Games, it has been transformed into the enhanced and reimagined game, Enypnion Redreamed.

We’ve gone all-out in this project!

⌑ Fresh new scenes and puzzles to challenge you.

⌑ Complete gameplay overhaul for a more engaging gaming experience.

⌑ An improved story – providing a more cohesive and well-structured narrative.

Enypnion Redreamed is an atmospheric adventure game that will take you on a surreal journey through the subconscious mind of a young boy named Jonathan. With the help of Ikelos, one of the Oneiroi dream spirits, you will navigate through a realm of illusions and challenges to find your way back into the waking world.

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Key Fetures:

  • [ɛnˈy.pni.on / e-nip-nee-on] Greek

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