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9-Bit Armies: A Bit Too Far (Early Access)


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9-Bit Armies: A Bit Too Far  (Early Access)
9-Bit Armies: A Bit Too Far (Early Access)

Retro Real-Time Strategy Cranked Up To 9!

From Real-Time Strategy veterans Petroglyph comes 9-Bit Armies: A Bit Too Far the sequel to their triumphant 8-Bit series of games. In 9-Bit Armies rally your military forces across a variety of battlefields and act out your strategy over land, sea and air. Deploy your airborne soldiers, destroy bridges, and aim your superweapons in a new kind of pixelated pyromania. Whether you are brand new to real-time strategy wargames or an experienced commander – 9-Bit Armies provides an extra bit of fun.

Need more? Join others online, playing together in co-op campaigns or against them in a mix of skirmishes supporting up to 8 players. Then download new maps, mods and more with full Steam Workshop integration, discovering new ways to render all to burning bits and bytes. You can also upload your own mods to share with friends and foes alike.

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Play With Friends: 9-BIT ARMIES: A Bit Too Far now supports two players in Co-Op mode against a variety of enemies. If you get stuck, bring a friend and try again to complete all those tough side-missions for extra bonuses.

Veterancy System: In addition to earning bonuses for side-missions, you’ll earn points toward leveling up your army. The more you build and destroy, the greater your power.

All-New AI: Completely re-written from the ground up, our new AI is so hard, you’ll be begging for mercy. And before you start whining, no…. it doesn’t cheat.

Naval Battles: Take your destruction to the high seas matey! Bombard targets from your battleships or surprise your enemy with stealth submarines. Nobody is safe!

New Base-Building Options: We’ve added SUPERstructures to the game which are mega-sized and extra-deadly. There are also new Superweapons and a mobile HQ to rapidly expand your power across the map.

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