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The Specter’s Desire


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The Specter’s Desire
The Specter’s Desire

Every year, Aurea pits its most dazzling stars against one another to see who will make it to the very top. The annual Desire Hierarchy is a fight for the position of Actualized, a title that can make your every dream come true. For decades, the Hierarchy has loomed over the city, and the Maslovs who host it have enjoyed their place at the top. But this year, things are different. It has been 12 months since Anna Maslov tragically passed away, there is a new head of the Fulfillment Foundation, and the ghosts are out to play.

Meet The Players!

You play as Colton, an editor with dreams of making it big in Aurea. When he lucks into being a Rising Star, a program that lets ordinary people compete in the Hierarchy, it seems to be a dream come true. However, that dream quickly transforms into a nightmare after he’s contacted by Spectra, and given an ultimatum by a ghost who has kidnapped his parents. Now, without any connections or preparation, Colton must fight to win this year’s Desire Hierarchy, all the while attempting to solve the mystery of Spectra, and perhaps the mystery that lies at the heart of this city. Along the way, he will have to work with and against a cast of Aurea’s most famous, most eccentric, and most dangerous individuals.

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Earn Your Place!

As you play through The Specter’s Desire, you’ll have to think carefully if you want to come out alive. The Specter’s Desire sports Ace Attorney-inspired gameplay that sees you listening for Colored Statements, and responding with the appropriate Note. Point out incorrect assumptions, prove allies correct, and even try lying yourself to get ahead! There’s also plenty of other gameplay to contend with, such as managing your Stress Grid, creating Logic Chains, and solving the puzzles that come with the card-based minigame Peacekeeping!

52+ Encounters!

The game boasts an impressive 52 unique Encounters that will challenge you in a variety of ways. Often, Encounters will have completely custom gameplay that will keep you on your toes. At one point, you might be participating in an auction to gain Evidence Cards you’ll use to solve a fictional murder. At the next, you may be desperately trying to escape a room minutes away from catching on fire. Win a rigged Poker Game against fellow debtors, duel a Robot Cowboy in a showdown, or fight against yourself to prevent a total breakdown. The possibilities are endless!

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