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Agent 01


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Agent 01
Agent 01

In Agent 01 you will live a story with action, controlling Markz. The protagonist will go into captivity. The captivity will be surrounded by criminals. Markz will be able to use several places to pass without being seen, thus allowing him to complete the game in a sneaky way. You can play in first person, and you will have a medium-range weapon and a pistol as work tools, to help you in the main objective. All this with a lot of action, which when combined with strategy, makes everything perfect.

The game takes place in a rural area, where you can explore the entire area and you have to fulfill some objectives to complete it. You will have a medium-range weapon and a pistol as work tools. You will have to face an area full of armed men.

Michael, a famous businessman, very rich, is kidnapped by a gang that asks for millions of dollars for his ransom. Laura, his daughter, not willing to pay the amount demanded by the kidnappers, meets Markz, a former secret service agent, very skilled in combat. Then, Laura hires Markz to rescue her father and get Michael out of captivity safely.

Markz, after a few days, finds the location of the kidnapping, through tracking a call, and now has the difficult mission of rescuing Laura’s father, from a place surrounded by bandits, in the middle of a thicket.

Will you be able to rescue Michael and bring him safely back to his family? Find out in Agent 01.

Agent 01

Agent 01


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