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Anime Studio Tycoon


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Anime Studio Tycoon
Anime Studio Tycoon

Anime Studio Tycoon is a strategy and business

management game. You can replay the history of anime industry by starting your own production studio in the 80s. Finish subcontracts get enough reputation and get a contract to create anime from the production committee. Create a legendary anime series and gain worldwide fans. Once you’re big enough license manga or create own story and create anime without production committee. Become the leader of the market and create your movies and distribution service.

A journey through anime history

Start your adventure in the 80s as a small studio. Learn more about the economy of anime industry, and get sub-contracts to gain experience.

Create anime your way!

In Anime Studio Tycoon you micromanage anime development process. Take decision on different areas of production.

Expand your company

Key Fetures:

  • Start an anime production studio in the 80s
  • Get a contract from the production committee to create anime.
  • Create your own anime based on your story or licence existing manga series.
  • Move into bigger offices.
  • Forge a world-class development team.

Anime Studio Tycoon

Anime Studio Tycoon


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