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Aurora – Hidden Colors


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Aurora – Hidden Colors
Aurora – Hidden Colors

Explore Russia as Gabriela, Gav, and Mikhail. Fight Igor, Anastasia, and bring back balance to the West Siberian Plain in this immersive 2D turn-based RPG experience.

Story Mode

Play as Gabriela, a superhero who has the power of seeing people’s feelings as colors around them. Acknowledge your mission of stopping Igor from transforming people into a soulless slave army. Save your cousin’s life, protect your family, learn new powers and protect your allies. Will you be able to fulfill a mission given by the spirits?

Play as Nadia in the Birch Village to experience the beginning of a catastrophe. Protect your people and fight Igor to prevent him from destroying the village.

In story mode, you can witness how Gabriela acquired her powers by meeting an old friendly face. Embrace the magic in a five-chapter journey!

Help take care of a farm, go fishing, learn how to cook and craft pieces of equipment, practice your battle skills and join magic tournaments, release imprisoned demons to defeat them for drops, and much more.

Key Fetures:

  • 5 Chapters + Postgame Chapter
  • An immersive fantasy story about regular people becoming heroes
  • Tons of places to explore
  • Various monsters and magical creatures to battle with
  • Mining, crafting, and cooking
  • And fishing, of course
  • Useful collectibles and rewards
  • Missions, challenges and tournaments
  • Become the best version of yourself to fight for the greater good
  • Defeat them!
  • A total of 72 playable characters
  • One or more skins per character
  • Modes for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 people. Everybody can join!
  • Tutorials and training mode included
  • Battle Shop to trade your efforts for rewards!
  • You choose what you will look like within the options available
  • You choose your name and pronouns
  • Your personality will define what kind of pet you’re going to have

Aurora – Hidden Colors

Aurora – Hidden Colors


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