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Big Bia


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Big Bia
Big Bia

After “BIGBIA,” the whole universe is smashed to pieces…

With the demise of the old age and the birth of a era, a mysterious substance called Voxel emerged and became an important cornerstone for remaking the rules of the universe. Lead your Party to explore this strange and mysterious universe, face the challenge and gradually become stronger, discover its secrets and open a new era. Comprehend the ultimate secret of the universe being beaten flat, become the most powerful creator of the entire universe!

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The Great Prophesy




Key Fetures:

  • Before BIGBIA, mysterious prophets had predicted that the universe would be flattened.
  • The matter appeared after the big bia, the key to the restoration of the universe.
  • Deserted streets of depravity, deserts filled with deadly dangers, from abandoned cities to tropical forests, embark random dungeons when you collect specific scenes through your adventures.
  • Each time you enter the dungeon, all the elements collected will be randomly mixed in a certain proportion, creating a unique challenge!
  • Giant trees, serpents, and even the old ones hide in every scene, vanquish them, and learn the ultimate secrets of the world.
  • In addition to the latest news, it will also come with a lot of strange items that can be accessed directly!
  • You can make combinations from 70 or so of your base Minions and devour them to create what you consider a powerful lineup.

Big Bia

Big Bia


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