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Black Maou & Rainbow Kingdom


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Black Maou & Rainbow Kingdom
Black Maou & Rainbow Kingdom

As a Demon King, you will be commanding your minions and using your abilities to conquer every resisting kingdom on your way.

Free matching skills

Place minion on engage area will affect the skill sets of Demon King.

Cleverly arrange the configuration to find out the battling style that suits you best.

Free use of experience points

Will have effects on the appearance and capabilities of the Demon King.

You can also turn Exp into soul to enhance your favour minions.

Upgrading the stronghold will increase maximum number of minions on the battlefield and more additional benitials.

Stronghold upgrades can increase the upper limit of the number of creeps and bring more advantages on the battlefield.

Key Fetures:

  • Level up the Demon King
  • Upgrade the Minions
  • Expand the base

Black Maou & Rainbow Kingdom

Black Maou & Rainbow Kingdom


System minimum

System recommended