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Bloody Ink


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Bloody Ink
Bloody Ink

Bloody Ink is a first-person psychological horror game that aims to instill anxiety, distress, and terror.

Luca is a man who has lost his job. He lives day by day trying to survive. When a new job finally promises to change his life, his nightmare begins. Having to take care of a man who is completely burned, Luca moves into the man’s house where the terror becomes real.

While exploring the house, you will have the task of taking care of the burned man. Discover what caused the fire in which he lost his wife and how all of this is connected to Luca.

Collect items and clues that will help you understand the mystery surrounding the fire.

Darkness is your enemy. Stay in illuminated areas.

The Time Man is hunting you.

Solve puzzles and guide Luca to the truth.

In Bloody Ink, the sounds you make influence the game. If you have a microphone, what you say and the sounds you make have an impact on the game.

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Explore the house and the surrounding outer forest.

Bloody Ink is designed to terrify and challenge you. Can you find all the hidden easter eggs?

🔦 Collectible Items.

🔦 Different game environments.

🔦 Psychological mechanics: Fear, Voice Interaction, Madness.

🔦 Set in the universe of Lost Alone Ultimate.

🔦 Easter Eggs.

🔦 Movie Quotes.

🔦 Photorealistic environments.

🔦 Puzzles.

🔦 Story-related jumpscares and never randomly thrown in. You shouldn’t be scared randomly: you should be in constant fear.

🔦 The Time Man is coming…

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