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Bootleg Steamer
Bootleg Steamer

In this rogue-like game, you embark on your journey as a captain during the tumultuous American Prohibition. Overcome challenges like inclement weather, relentless Coast Guard pursuit, shrewd Mafia dealings, and your own financial pitfalls, all while ensuring your path to wealth remains unhindered.

Supply and Demand: Turn Smuggling into a Profitable Endeavour

The population is thirsty, and you’re the captain they need. Buy cheap alcohol from underground brewers and upsell it to thirsty Americans at lucrative premiums. Each city and town will have its own demands, so navigate your strategy carefully to maximise your profits.

Customise your Ship, Choose your own Unique Crew, and Develop your own Strategy

Become a master of bootlegging by tailoring your smuggling operations to your liking. Choose and upgrade ships, recruit skilled crew members, and develop a truly unique strategy to outwit both the Coast Guard and the Mafia. Your decisions shape your success as you navigate the hazardous waters of Prohibition-era America with a strategic edge.

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Play as 1 of the 6 Unique Captains and explore over 50 different maps

Choose your captain wisely! 6 captains are ready to set sail, each with their own pros and cons which could make or break your bootlegging strategy. Traverse diverse oceans, rivers, and lakes while you overcome challenges, from weather phenomena to dogged Coast Guard patrols, all to chart your course to wealth in this trading rogue-like adventure.

Mafia Favours and Contracts

Forge alliances with the Mafia through contracts, utilising their influence to navigate the perilous waters of the Prohibition. Engage in high-stakes dealings and avoid invoking their wrath – but remember, they always collect on their debt with interest!

Invitations and Sea Parties

Immerse yourself in the Prohibition-era America. Interact with the locals, aid a rail baron, support cities devastated by the Great Depression, and contribute to the construction of the iconic Empire State Building. Make connections with thirsty customers and throw Sea Parties visible from the shore. Your actions reverberate through the historical tapestry of the 1920s, adding a unique layer to the rogue-like storytelling experience.

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