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Brave Deeds of Rescue Team


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Brave Deeds of Rescue Team
Brave Deeds of Rescue Team

They’re always ready to help. They’re always at the heart of the action. They’re daring, fearless and resourceful. They are the Rescue Team.

Assemble a team of emergency response specialists and help people in trouble all over the world. With earthquakes, floods, industrial accidents and volcanic eruptions to deal with, there’s plenty to keep you occupied!

Develop your rescue base

Build up experience to improve your base, train your people to make essential equipment in the engineering department and vaccines in the lab, and send out vehicles to assist in operations on land, air and sea.

Quick responses are key

As you progress through levels, the situation can change at a moment’s notice and new challenges will appear – from fires and explosions to landslides and building collapses.

Every life is important!

People aren’t the only ones you’ll have to rescue – pets, pandas, dolphins, bears and rare turtles also need your help! The game features all kinds of animals!

Emergency calls

Emergencies are happening all the time. You can help with all of them! In addition to playing the main levels, you can also send team members on missions automatically. You have to assemble your team carefully. A well chosen team can make all the difference to a mission’s success.


Complete levels successfully and get rewards to improve your rescue base, decorate the city and make it nicer to live in.

Brave Deeds of Rescue Team

Brave Deeds of Rescue Team


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