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Break the Loop


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Break the Loop
Break the Loop

Humanity is coming to an end. An abyssal monster has awakened, determined to enslave the world. But that was without counting on the ingenuity of Friedrich, a genius Chronomancer, who, with the help of his time-traveling machine, forms a top team of the greatest heroes of the past!


– Compose your team of 4 heroes from the 12 available characters

Create your own timeline with a multitude of random events

– Face your opponents in an original turn-based combat system

Strengthen your heroes before facing the ultimate threat

Form a group of heroes

For each new game, build your team of 4 legendary heroes from the 12 available. Tank, Brawler, Support or Specialist,each hero has a set of 6 skills and 5 unique passives.

Create your Timeline

To maximize your chances against the end boss, choose the events you will encounter: treasures, merchants, multiple-choice dialogues, etc. It’s up to you to create the path that will allow you to gain power and create the ideal build.

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Dynamic turn-based combat

The characters’ actions directly influence their position. After a hero’s attack, they leave their position to the next character and automatically reposition themselves within the group based on the energy expended. This mechanic creates a dynamic rotation and opens the way for the development of strategies, as opponents are also subject to these same rules.

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