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Broken of Darkness


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Broken of Darkness
Broken of Darkness

This is a Roguelite game, with a lot of random content, maps, monsters, runes, equipment, scrolls, and a little bit of the death penalty.

The content of this story is 30 heroes are summoned to the Hope Continent. They need to play their power through a clever combination of lineups. Only in this way can they defeat the ancient evil spirits and find the way back to their hometown.

The game content is very rich

30 Heroes, They all have unique and extraordinary abilities. Some are good at attacking, some are good at defending, some are good at controlling the situation, and they will be invincible if they are skillfully combined. But at the beginning of the game, only 6 heroes can be used. When you finish the task gradually, you can unlock other heroes.

30+Boss, 30+Boss, 150 + different monsters, they all have different skills. Only by understanding them and mastering their weaknesses can we defeat them.

390 Hero’s Skills, 300+ Runes, 300+ passive effect for equipment, 500+ synthetic skill scrolls for equipment, Infinite randomly generated equipment, Only by matching different equipment and props reasonably can heroes be more powerful.

The innovative equipment system allows players to use up to 7 skills in a round, creating a unique game experience.

In this turn-based game, the threat system is added to the monster. Every operation of the player when facing the boss will affect the result of the battle.

It’s a good combination of a brisk fight and a high degree of strategy.

17 cities, 280 different battles, waiting for you to challenge

Broken of Darkness

Broken of Darkness


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