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Brrrainz: Feed your Hunger


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Brrrainz: Feed your Hunger
Brrrainz: Feed your Hunger

Brrrainz is a frenzied strategy game with a hint of adventure and all kinds of crazy in the middle.

The events in Brrrainz are unfolding in the vast expanses of mid-60s America, where people are drowning down can after delicious can of Happyness, but is this drink really that good?

Meanwhile, life seems normal enough and unassuming while you wake up, look into the mirror, try to brush your rotting teeth. Failing. Try to eat breakfast. Getting disgusted by the muck flavored meal. You finally open the front door only to have an axe fly over your head, barely missing it! You are suddenly greeted by what looks like a warzone. People shooting at each other, neighbors hanging upside down frantically shouting. As you turn around, a wheelbarrow flies towards you at full speed, you duck scarcely avoiding the flying object as well as the lunatic firing away from behind you! All hell breaks loose and then suddenly you see the cause of all the ruckus… A guy who looks exactly like you! Welcome to the world of Brrrainz, you zombie, you!

Key Fetures:

  • Finally a game that focuses on the real hero of the genre, The Zombie!
  • A lighthearted story filled with humor and pop culture references
  • Are Zombies really just Zombies? Find all the clues that show you the truth!
  • You decide how to control the horde, Give orders to protect, attack or sneak into highly secured locations. Save your friends or just let them rot!!
  • Collect zombie Freaks with special abilities that give your horde new ways to fight and solve puzzles either with their brute force, cunning or both
  • Unique bosses, massive gameplay episodes, puzzles, and a huge stash of collectibles: DNA points, Freaks, Memories, Photographs and more things than we can remember…
  • Collect DNA points along your journey and upgrade your army of undead… You’ll be thankful that you did
  • What do you get when you mix a dose of organic strategy, RPG elements and action adventure? A Dolby Digital adventure that’s what!

Brrrainz: Feed your Hunger

Brrrainz: Feed your Hunger


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