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Card Princess


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Card Princess
Card Princess

Card Princess is a card-based RPG game. Each card has different skills and attributes. Players need to collect more cards to grow their team.

Basic game operation

Arrange the positions of the cards by dragging with the mouse. The formation and the proper combination of different cards can exert the greatest power.

Card type

Attack type: powerful melee attack capability. Dexterity: Fast attack speed and high crit rate and dodge rate.

Defensive: Has higher vitality and higher defense.

Magic type: Has a strong ranged attack power and a wide range of magic skills.

Auxiliary: It can restore life, and can also add card attributes.

Equipment and development system

Level: Each card can gain experience value through battle. The experience value can be upgraded to a certain level. After the level is increased, the card’s attributes will also increase.

Quality: Each card can be upgraded. After the quality is improved, the attributes will be improved and hidden attributes will be obtained.

Equipment: Each card can be equipped with different weapons and armors, which can greatly improve attributes, and weapons and armors can also be enhanced to improve quality.

Card Princess

Card Princess


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