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Carrier Commander


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Carrier Commander
Carrier Commander

Advance from Commander to Fleet Admiral while in charge of the USS Nimitz (CVN-68) – a supercarrier of the United States Navy, and the lead ship of her class. Manage your Carrier’s Assets and Resources to defend yourself from enemy engagements and advance your Naval Career.

You will be in charge of all operations of your Aircraft Carrier:

> Purchase – Configure – Launch – Land – Refuel: Your F16 Fighters into the skies to battle against incoming Enemy Aircraft, Ships and Submarines.

> Upgrade your AA Defenses to Fire Multiple Shells or Increase Reloading Speed but choose wisely as upgrades do not come cheap.

> Arm your Destroyer Escort Ships with various defenses to engage incoming Fleets, Aircraft or Submarines.

> Launch Sonar/Radar using your Hawkeye Aircraft to provide visual warnings on enemy advancements.

> Launch your 0H-58D attack helicopters to engage close encounters with enemies approaching your carrier.

> Manage your assets properly to survive or pay the ultimate price!

There are 15 Levels to the game

No two games are the same with Random AI generation for each level

Overview of upcoming updates to game:

Military Rankings

Difficulty Settings before game starts (easy med hard)

Hawkeye Refuel Requirements and Additional Flight Time Upgrades

Changes to AI spawning ratio (based on user input)

Change Hawkeye to correct prop driven aircraft

Overview of potential updates based on sales:

Ability to view torpedoes from above water or below based on user settings

Ability to view and switch between Camera views of F16s you have launched

Carrier Commander

Carrier Commander


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