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CD 2: Trap Master


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CD 2: Trap Master
CD 2: Trap Master

Ever since 2019, when I first played Slay the Spire, I’ve dreamt of creating my own deckbuilding game. In Trap Master, as a youthful ninja, you will assemble a unique deck of traps and powers, discover treasure of surprising effects, and guard a different base each time until you are ready for the unforgiving boss.

I’m super excited to announce that CD 2: Trap Master is now out on Early Access as of Nov. 12th! This launch is extra special as it also marks the 2nd anniversary of our prequel-Candy Disaster. Your feedback on Steam means the world to us and helps shape the game’s future. Thank you!

Face off against 40+ types of enemies and defend over 100 bases. Shoot, scorch, slice. Punch, pierce, poison. Bounce monsters into water to drown them. Summon warriors to fight them. So many traps and tricks to exterminate waves of incoming enemies!

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Key Fetures:

  • 100+ deadly traps and skills to craft your deck
  • Upgrades & Inscriptions to beef up your cards
  • Over 100 cleverly-designed bases to defend
  • 45 enemies with unique abilities to challenge and destroy
  • A treasure system to boost your power
  • Procedural generated system for extensive replayability
  • Events and encounters for an immersive adventure

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