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川建国同志想要连任/Comrade Trump’s Re-election


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川建国同志想要连任/Comrade Trump’s Re-election
川建国同志想要连任/Comrade Trump’s Re-election


This game is for entertainment only. It does not represent any group or individual, nor does it represent or agree with any political views.

This game is based on a fictional world, which involves the characters, story is pure fiction. If there are similarities, it is purely a coincidence.

Game Content

With three days to go before the 2020 US election, in the face of endless questions from reporters at the press conference, can Comrade Trump be re-elected? Can he fulfill the task assigned to him by his motherland?

This game has rich questioning system, each choice may bring different results. Of course, if you can’t decide, you can also directly reprimand the reporter, “FAKE NEWS!”

Whether to answer the reporter’s questions seriously or leave in anger depends on your choice.

Besides, how can Comrade Trump forget to tweet? Send a tweet to see how many likes you’ve collected!

The game has four endings. In addition to winning and losing, there are two hidden endings.

“This is a hymn of loyalty!”

Production Team

YEARS Studio

川建国同志想要连任/Comrade Trump’s Re-election

川建国同志想要连任/Comrade Trump’s Re-election


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