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Dark Traveller


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Dark Traveller
Dark Traveller

Countless travels

Countless rebirths

Through the days and desperate times

To rescue the family and the world!

Travel across quantum space and find the way home

In the dying end of the world, you awaken in a quantum crevice. On your journey to salvation and home, you will encounter your AI partner Darkness, witness the mutual salvation of a father and a daughter, and travel through the myriad of time and space in history and future by using the quantum portal. You believe that if you open all the time portals yourself, you will be able to reconstruct space and find your way home.

Dominate the laws of time and solve apocalyptic puzzles

Throughout your countless space-time travels, you’ve found many weapons and skills you can rely on, and you’ve even gained the most important time control in the quantum dimension, which allows you to find hidden clues, navigate obstacles, dodge attacks, and take on the enemies that infest the quantum dimension.

Mind-bending physics puzzles and tricky gimmicks

The game is full of ingenious gimmicks. The perfect combination of quantum physics concepts, and the game’s plot and levels brings you a new puzzle experience. The game’s design features a number of traditional Chinese gimmick concepts, making the game a three-dimensional super gimmick.

Lowpoly cartoon style with numerous hidden eggs

In Dark Traveller, the story of a complex apocalyptic journey featuring a simple and beautiful Lowpoly cartoon style unfolds, and its creative scenarios will give you an unforgettable gaming experience. You’ll acquire various equipment or decorations with extra abilities. And there are also plenty of eggs hidden throughout the game to make your journey through time and space a fun one.

Multiple endings to find your true destination

The excellent combination of inter-temporal logic and mind-bending puzzles gives you multiple time-travel puzzles to solve. Scattered conversations, last words, secret messages and a multitude of subplots contribute to the mazy journey. Sketch the whole picture of events spanning a thousand years from fragmented information, and then you can complete the ultimate apocalyptic puzzle and reach your destined spiritual home.

Dark Traveller

Dark Traveller